A Cosmic Shaman Works With Consciousness

As a Cosmic Shaman, I work with consciousness, not only in healing myself and others by raising the consciousness to more aware levels but by actually placing my conscious awareness in a place. It could be any place including the great Void. You can also call this process “ensouling” where my placing my consciousness in a places makes it aware, that is, it becomes alive. How is this done?

I put my consciousness in a place by either looking at it or visualizing it and sense/feel an entering or filling up of that place, that space. You could say that I am putting some Light in that place. If feels, to me, like I am exploring a dark corner with my awareness and filling up a lonely dark place with awareness so that it’s not scary or dark or lonely anymore.

This is what I am doing on planet Earth. My presence here, my assignment is filling up the Earth and all its inhabitants with a conscious awareness that is enhancing and raising their consciousness to a higher level so that more responsibility is taken by them with cause and effect. They may not be consciously aware that I am doing this when I am in their presence but their soul definitely does. I often feel my presence pushing out its awareness into other people, animals, things and places. I can even feel when my car is happy strange as that may sound but I know others experience this too.

This gets me to my point that all humans have the ability to work with their consciousness in the manner I do a as Cosmic Shaman. Many do not do this because it is rather esoteric and many are not willing to go there as they fear this conscious power in themselves. I encourage all humans to train this power in themselves and use it for the positive benefit of themselves and others. We need as many people as possible to use their consciousness for the betterment of Earth and humankind.


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