Saturday, June 1, 2019

You Can Live Your Own Prosperity

From What I have found in my life experience, we humans have the capacity and skill to live and actually be our own prosperity from the moment we are born. What does this mean and how do we do it?

What it means to have the capacity and skill to live and be one’s own prosperity is that your very Beingness, what you ARE, human being, is a prosperity creating engine where prosperity comes from WITHIN you. What this means is that by being born, you inherit the creativity of The All There Is with the fact that you are endowed with mind, emotion, body, soul and Spirit and can use these aspects of Self to create INNER AND OUTER prosperity in your life. Prosperity comes from inside the human. So, how does a human use this inherent gift of prosperity?

From my experience, you first have to SEE that your life IS prosperous in the little things of your life. It’s an inner feeling and awareness you build on. No matter your situation and I know and have compassion for those in dire circumstances around the world and it is a practice of seeing that things like being alive, having a friend(s), clothes, shelter, care, a job, money, love, the sun, the wind, water, companionship, health are aspects that your prosperous self can bring to yourself without hesitation or doubt. You have to see that you don’t GET ARE it. 

I have found the practice of taking nothing for granted, which is gratitude, is the best practice to begin the journey back to your real prosperous self. Whatever comes onto your path, don’t take it for granted. Work on this mind set of being prosperity and you will soon be prosperous, that is, The All There Is will match your inner prosperity with outer prosperity. 

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