Sunday, June 9, 2019

Where Is The Divine Located?

What is believed by most humans inhabiting Earth about the Divine is that it is a man with a white robe and long white beard sitting on a throne in heaven which is above their heads. I see humans point straight up when they say, “God” all the time. From my being intimately connected to the Divine, that's not what the Divine looks like or where it resides. What does the Divine look like and where does it live?

From my experience with the Divine, it is not in heaven. It is not a mam or a woman. It is not a deity. The Divine is beyond what man understands as time and space. It is here as Creation and is not here at the same time. It is everything and nothing all at once. When we humans say “Divine,” What we are talking about is an experience. It is a spiritual experience that we feel when we witness nature, Love, birth, kindness, miracles, Synchronicity, Compassion, Peace, etc.

From experience, to really know the Divine, one must go within and touch the heart of the Divine within, through meditation. Once you have communed with the Divine aspect within, you will notice it in everything without. You will not be able to not witness the Divine in your everyday life for that’s where it really lives. It is the mysterious presence you wake up with every morning and ask, “what is that?” Now you know.

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