Wednesday, June 26, 2019

There’s No “Universe;” There’s Only You And You

From my experience with the so-called “Universe,” there is no “Universe.” There’s only you and you! What? Wait a minute. Me and me? Yes, you and you. What does this mean?

What this means, from my experience, is that the Infinite Intelligence that is the Field, the Abundance Mindset (which humans have named “Universe,” God, Creator, etc.) is both inside of what the human is and surrounds everything or is in everything outside the human including the energy field or abundance mindset around humans. When a human functions with and in the awareness that it is Infinite Intelligence having a Human Experience, it touches, it communicates, with the same Infinite Intelligence as itself outside itself so-to-speak and this same Infinite Intelligence responds by manifesting with you the abundance mindset that is in everything in the form of money, satisfaction, happiness, peace, material abundance, sustenance and more. This process is you talking to you. You are the so-called “Universe,” God, the Creator.

There is nothing out there but you. Go talk to yourself about what you want in life. How? Use intent and then let it go. Don’t obsess. When you obsess about what you intend, you are telling yourself (the Field, The Abundance mindset) that you don’t trust your intention and it will not manifest. Stop working hard and start working smart. What I am telling you here is real, true and effective. I have become a major manifestor as a result of this awareness.

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