Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Importance Of Self-Awareness

I initially did not know that I was born to fulfill my life’s mission, purpose and destiny. I eventually did these things in my life. I did know, at a very young age, that I was connected to and experiencing a mystical awareness, although I could not put in words as a five year old the presence that was always with me. It was not until much later in my life that I realized that I had been born on a path of self-awareness. Why is this important?

I have come to understand the importance of self-awareness and the attendant consciousness raising as a foundational reality of understanding who and what I am that I may see what life is really about and what I am really about. The lifelong practice of self-awareness that I have been on has taken me to the very depths of my self and helped me to see the many differences between my many selves. I have a human, persona, psyche, ego self and a soul, Spirit self. They are different aspects of my being and I am aware of them. This has helped me have a loving detachment of life with a healthy respect for the vagaries of life. I can now feel how deep my ego is in its reactions to events and I am often surprised at how this part of me really feels. This also has helped me to see the ways of my soul which I have grown to listen to and follow.

This self-awareness I speak of here is important because it is, I found, a way to master oneself. If you seek self-mastery, the first step on that path is to look within yourself. It is not an easy way and takes much practice and it is well worth the fear of seeing through the spiritual veil.

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