Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Divine Is Beyond Space And Time So What and Who Are We Praying To?

From my consciousness level operating off-planet from the eighth dimension, I perceive that the Divine is a Being, a force that is beyond time and space as humans have constructed it in their conceptual reality. This perception begs me to ask, “If the Divine is beyond time and space, what and who are most people praying to on Earth as the Divine since most confine their consciousness to up to only the fourth dimension?”

From what I can perceive, it is not the real Divine that most of humanity prays to but an ideational construct made up by their thinking, rational minds. It is an idea of the Divine, not the Divine itself. To connect with the real Divine, you have to go out of conventional time and space. How does one go out of conventional time and space to reach the Divine?

From my experience with the Divine outside of time and space and not as an idea of the Divine as created by man, the way to connect with the real Divine is by going within during meditation. Go to the place where there is no thought, no feeling and allow yourself to touch The All There Is within. This is a practice that takes effort and dedication and can be achieved. You will connect with the real Divine and see that up to the point that you have been praying to some unknown source, you have been praying to just an idea, not a real being. When you connect to the real Divine, everything changes because you find out that your life is just one level of the Divine as it exists as Earth Creation. There is much more to the Divine, much more.

Stop praying. Start meditating.

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