Friday, June 28, 2019


Self-mastery. We have all heard of it. We all do some self-mastery. However, is self-mastery a major practice in most people’s lives and do most people fully understand what it is?

In my experience of the world of humans and my own mastering of myself, I must answer NO to the two questions above. So, what is self-mastery and why isn’t the most important thing in people’s lives?

I have come to experience self-mastery, in its most basic form, as having total sway over one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self. For example, you control your body where your stomach doesn’t dictate when you eat, how much you eat and what you eat. You have control OVER your stomach, your stomach doesn’t have control over YOU. It sounds oh so simple and most of the world’s humans just can’t do or won’t do self-mastery. Why?

Most humans don’t practice self-mastery because it is much easier to believe that there is a savior who is going to save you from yourself. Why practice self-mastery when you can pray? Why not just believe in judgement day, the Revelation, The Apocalypse when everyone’s going to die and go to heaven? Why practice self-mastery when you can go through Jesus and be saved? Why practice self-mastery when you can blame others for your problems? Why practice self-mastery when it hurts to do so?

What is at the heart of most people NOT practicing self-mastery is not wanting to take responsibility for their actions, for themselves. They look for a savior. Saviors come in many forms including other people, Jesus, drugs, alcohol, sex, money, blame, success and failure.

In my experience, mastering my self is the most sane and most healthy choice I can make as a human as it keeps me in a state of me exerting total mastery over my responsibilities, over my outcomes, over my life which is to live my life under my own auspices. I have dominion over my self, not another human, not Jesus, not God, not society, not religion, not the government, not politics, me!!!

I practice self-control and that way, no one or thing can control ME. If it’s to be, it’s up to me.

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