Monday, June 17, 2019

Let Your Light Define You

Like you, I am human and in having this human experience, I have allowed myself to be defined by others and to define myself by my thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, experiences and things I have amassed. Basically, I have convinced myself that my true identity is my persona/psyche/ego. While my identity IS made up of all of the above, it is, I found, only a minute portion of my being and my greatest serenity in living as human is defining myself more as and from my Light Body. What does this mean?

Defining myself from my Light Body means I go beyond persona/psyche/ego to define who and what I am by the aspects of a greater, more expanded awareness of my soul, my Spirit and ultimately, my Cosmic awareness and consciousness. For example, most of my persona/psyche/ego is defined by the first three consciousnesses of the 3D Matrix which is Earth, Sex and Creativity and Will. These are needed consciousnesses to survive in this physical Earth Matrix or Complex. As I have moved from the 3D Matrix definition of myself to allow my Light Body to define me starting from the sixth dimensional awareness or psychic and visionary awareness which is off-planet, I no longer have the same, dense considerations as other humans. For example, I no longer seek approval or to approve of others, I no longer seek to control others, I no longer seek to judge, I no longer have hidden agendas, I no longer compete, I no longer compare, I no longer keep up with the Joneses, I no longer wear a human, false mask as I keep everything true.

As I allow my Light Body to define me, I live in loving detachment where I am in this world but not of it. I live with compassion, kindness, peace, harmony, balance and serenity. I am aware of humankind’s low-awareness human nature which springs from the machinations of the reptilian ego that says, “Eat or be eaten.” I am no longer defined by ego. I am defined by Light.

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