Sunday, June 23, 2019

I Have Seen The Light Inside Me

The first time I went to bed, closed my eyes and saw the Light within, I was taken aback and thought the Light was coming from outside my house as in someone with a flashlight or the headlights of a car shining into my darkened bedroom. When I opened my eyes to see where the Light was coming from, there was just a dark bedroom and a dark street. I closed my eyes again to go to sleep and there the Light was again; bright as a 100 watt lightbulb shining inside me. I came to terms with the Light within after it occurred many times both inside and outside of me. I could see my Light with my naked eyes and I could see it in my mind’s eye within. Why is my seeing my Light an important signpost to communicate?

My seeing my Light is an important signpost to communicate because most people believe a real AND true spiritual connection and reality is fake, not real, not true. These nonbelievers see my seeing  my Light as, perhaps, a lie, blasphemous or made up like “truthful hyperbole.”

I share my seeing my Light experience as a way for you to believe and know that being and thus, seeing the Light is real and any human can experience this in a palpable way. It is not voodoo, dementia, the devil or unreal. It is real and a small community of 65 million humans on the planet Earth have and are experiencing their Light more and more as it signifies seeing what’s true: humans are Divine Light with no exceptions. This is an experience of reality that is not based on being saved by Jesus or going to heaven. It is being Heaven.

I encourage you, like me, to be Heaven.

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