Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I Am A Wanderer

I am a Wanderer. What is being a Wanderer?

From my experience being a Wanderer, a Wanderer is a Cosmic Being who travels the Cosmos when called by Creator God’s to assist in raising the vibrational level of both a planet and its sentient inhabitants. An overriding trait of a Wanderer is to continue to understand its relationship with The All There Is. A Wanderer doesn’t just wander all over the place. A Wanderer is “called” by Creator God’s of Galaxies to assist in consciousness raising of one kind or another.

These “callings” come with great responsibility for a Wanderer gives of themselves to these monumental projects freely and agrees to live in and by the dimensional construct they agree to be a part of. For example, a Wanderer like me has been “called” to planet Earth to assist in raising the vibrational level of the planet and its peoples up a notch by my presence here. I agree to take on a human body and live in and with a construct, matrix, complex built by and on low-awareness human nature that is happy to make war, kill, murder, be intolerant, greedy, egotistical, hateful, angry, unhappy and depressed while Wanderers are happy, peaceful, kind, harmonic, balanced, serene, sensitive, visionary and tolerant. You can imagine what it must be like for a Wanderer to live amongst the humans of Earth since we are not human. The feeling is being in a dense sensibility.

Living here and lending my presence here is where the great responsibility of the Wanderer comes in. It takes great courage to maintain the vigil that a Wanderer maintains on a planet. It is no joke, yet we Wanderers are happy to assist. Be happy, humans that we are among you.

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