I Am Not “Seeking”

As a spiritual artist, I am not a seeker. I am not seeking to fill anything in myself. What am I doing then?

I am not seeking because I have nothing to seek, that is, I have nothing inside to fill. What I do have as a spiritual artist is a predilection to be more of what I already am and function with more and more expanded awareness as that. For me, THAT is Love, Wisdom and Healing.

You may ask, “Shouldn’t a spiritual artist be a seeker of Spirit?” In my awareness, the answer is “No.” Why? The reason I have found no need to be a seeker of Spirit or a spiritual seeker is because I see, I know that I am ALREADY Spirit having a physical experience. I connect with, I identify myself as Spirit within and there is no need for me to seek what I already am, what is already there. I just have to BE SPIRIT, FUNCTION AS SPIRIT. How do I do this?

I allow myself to be Spirit, to function as Spirit by maintaining my reference point from within where  Spirit lives. It is not thought, it is sensing, knowing the voice of Spirit as it speaks to me and guides me. The voice of Spirit speaks to me in many ways from messages I receive in dreams to hunches, intuition, visions, psychic impressions, clairvoyance and much more. I lean more to the voice of my Spirit than I do my ego. For instance, my ego will tell me to JUDGE MYSELF AND OTHERS while Spirit advises me to understand, to expand my awareness to see that judging others is a distortion as we humans are all on a soul path, a spiritual journey of varying levels. There is nothing to judge says Spirit. There is only  that which is there to witness, observe, to comprehend and learn from.

I have found that when I seek, I am looking to fill myself with the thing I seek. It is at that moment that I look within and ask why I feel that thing is missing in myself when I am whole just as I am.


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