Friday, June 21, 2019

Humans Are Never Not Spiritual

From my experience being human, I am a spiritual being and I can never not be spiritual. This goes for every human. What am I saying here?

I am saying that humans are created as spiritual entities and the physical, mental and emotional parts of the human complex are not the main aspect of what human is. Human means being endowed with Spirit; a Divine, sacred being that has a soul and is having a physical experience. The physical experience is an activity the human soul takes on and you gain an actionable human body when you are born into the 3D Earth Matrix. Then, what is the issue?

The issue is that most humans forget they are spiritual beings and relegate themselves to believing they are just body, mind and emotion. They have been wooed by science, technology, society and religion to believe they are a machine that dies and the lights go off at death unless you go through Jesus and go to heaven. It’s actually the opposite: when the human soul has completed its particular lifetime, the lights go on and a human is back to its original state...a non-physical being that can incarnate at any time and vibrates at a higher frequency in a dimension right next to this one. No Jesus, no heaven. Humans are the same in their soul body as they are in their physical body. It’s all spiritual, of Spirit.

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