Monday, June 10, 2019

How To Stay In Loving Detachment

I have learned to stay in and live in loving detachment. My life is no longer consumed or concerned with anger at the world’s wars, hate, murder, suffering, anger, intolerance, injustice, media, politics, celebrities and religions. What other people do is none of my concern for I am responsible for my actions alone. What you do, think and feel is up to you. I know what my contribution to Earth and humanity is and it is of the highest positivity, Love, Wisdom and Healing. How do you achieve loving detachment and live in peace?

Loving detachment is a spiritual practice where you work on separating yourself from the feelings of others while at the same time showing compassion for their suffering. It is spiritual because you acknowledge that your feelings come from your soul and you are in control of them and you don’t allow yourself to be a victim of others feelings. You stay neutrally loving. You may care for the other and you know that the onus of responsibility for their condition is on them, not you. You do not take on their concern. This ability to be lovingly detached takes practice.

Learn how not to react to the troubles of the world. Go within to that place inside where there is no concern. You may do things to help this world and it’s people and you are not beholden to suffer for and with them.

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