How To Experience Your Own Divine State Of Being

From my intimate connection with and enhancement of the Divine by my presence, this Divine Beingness is in everything including human beings yet very few experience this inner and outer Divinity. What does it feel like to be this Divinity and how can you be it?

For me, what it feels like to be connected to the Divine is a sense/feeling/knowingness of a mystical, not mysterious, presence inside of me and all around me. There is no other description I can append to my Divine experience other than mystical for it is experiential, not dogmatic, not blasphemous, not religious, not Biblical, not going to Hell or heaven. It is living with the sense of a mystical presence in my life.

Anyone can be the mystical presence of the Divine at any time. There is nothing special one must do other than wake up to it already being you. The experience of being human is already a mystical experience as we humans are tightly wound light bodies whose true nature is Divine, of Spirit, a soul in a dense light body. You simply have to accept that you are Divine and having a Divine experience. The first action to take is to quiet the mind that has been brainwashed by religion and society to falsely believe you are devoid of the Divine because you have to “go through” a representative like a Jesus or Pope. This is a pure lie.

Go through yourself. You are already Divine. Go within and sense the Divinity already inside you. Awaken your Divine presence by seeing it within yourself. It is there, ever waiting for your return to the mystical path. This is what being spiritual is truly all about: just be your mystical self. Start by going within through silence, contemplation, meditation. The Lover will appear.


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