Saturday, June 29, 2019

How Far Does Your Light Extend?

Every object in the physical and non-physical Universe is made of light/sound and exhibits that light as a shining aura that can be seen with the physical, naked, human eye. I have physically seen my own and others’ light that surrounds their physical body. My particular color is a deep blue as I am a “Blue Ray” Being. How far does my light extend from my body and what is the significance of my light extension?

My Blue Ray Light extends 50 feet from my body in all directions. I’ve seen it and been told by others who can see it. I also feel and sense my Light extension from my body. The significance of my Light extending from my body that far is that I am “touching” things 50 feet out from where I am. In touching things, including people, 50 feet before I get to a place and things I touch along the way allows me to “feel into” a place(s) before, during and after I get there. This is a psychic kind of seeing or vision where I feel into the future and get a read on what’s out there. What does this have to do with others?

What this has to with others is that everyone emanates their light and communicates through their light touching all that is around them. We humans are not just communicating through our pheromones, physical touch, words, feelings or thoughts. We communicate, mostly unknowingly, with the light that we are. When we meet people, go to a place, our auras are touching everything including other auras that contain light which is information. What is this information? This information is your energy signature composed of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual complex. When I encounter another, I am reading their light and getting a reading on them, that is, I am being informed by their light as to who they are and they of me whether conscious or unconscious.

Think of the implications of this. Now, put yourself in the shoes of one such as me whose aura extends 50 feet from his body and what that experience is like.

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