God Is Not A Concept, Not An Idea, Not A Thought

From my intimate connection with the All There Is, to God, I have found that it is not conceptual, not an idea and not a thought. I cannot think of God because that is not how God can be accessed. How do I connect with God?

I connect with God by being God in human form. What this means is that I am God, not ALL of God, a piece of God like a human cell is a piece of a human. God is me. As I function as God, I connect with and turn on that which is God in everything. As I walk the Earth in human form, a part of me is a God-Being Having a God Experience. For those of you religionists who call this blasphemous and can’t allow yourselves to be the God you are, get over your self-Importance. All the information in your religions is misguided as you judge others and talk only about being saved and going to Hell when there is no such thing in God’s country.

I suggest that it is time for all religious people to lift the veil from their eyes and see that everything is God and to truly experience God, you have to be God. You are already God having a human experience. To experience God, love your neighbor and don’t tell your neighbor they are going to Hell if you are an evangelical Christian and they are Jewish. When you do that, you are practicing a satanic death cult.


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