Sunday, June 16, 2019


You’ve heard the expression, “You broke it, you bought it”? This expression is often used in expensive gift shops where the shop owners are basically telling you not to touch anything because if you drop it and it breaks, you’ll be the proud owner of the object. This also holds true for what we humans perceive we break in ourselves and how we giveaway our power. What is meant by this?

What is meant by what we break in ourselves and what we own or don’t own, is our agreements with ourselves that in our times of being wounded in relationships, we don’t own the wound in that we don’t face the truth that there was really never any need to give up any of our power through self-pity. We were whole all along but we never faced the wound, we never felt that we bought that which we believed was broke.

This giveaway of our power to others and a sense of inner brokenness in ourselves is the reason for emotional diseases like depression. We are never broken. The human Spirit is strong. It is our belief that we must pay or we must be punished for our wrongs. We don’t need punishment for our wrongs to learn from them. We need a sense of remorse that we may learn valuable teachings from our experiences and recover our sense of self-worth and not giveaway our power by owning that we did a thing that made us feel broken. We are never broken. We may feel wounded and wounds heal.

In order to heal, you must own what you broke and more deeply, you must see that you were whole to begin with. All humans stumble and fall, all humans make mistakes and there is no need to give up one’s power, that is, to live beholden to a person or thing that caused pain and suffering to you or them. Wholeness of the human persona/psyche/ego is achieved when one recognizes that one must only come back to balance and harmony and not obsess over the lesson learned. Just learn the lesson and move on.

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