Monday, June 24, 2019

Enlightenment Is

From a recent realization, although I am enlightened, I don’t depend on enlightenment and enlightenment doesn’t depend on me. Enlightenment just is. In reaching higher and higher levels of enlightenment through years of spiritual practice and function, I see that my awareness has expanded to include more non-ordinary reality and being enlightened means that I am always expanding my awareness and raising my consciousness as a way of life. It is my predilection and preference to be enlightened. Why is this significant?

This is significant because it is my discovery that enlightenment is an attitude, a way of thinking, of being, a perspective of life, of reality. It’s not something I depend on nor does it depend on me. It is a state of being that I am.

I found that enlightenment arises in me as I develop greater unity consciousness, as I perceive that all is one. I don’t need to be unenlightened for me to become enlightened. Un-enlightenment and enlightenment exist in me at the same time because I am infinitely enlightening, I am always moving toward greater enlightenment. I am always on a mystical path where I am expanding my awareness to greater and greater levels of enlightenment meaning I am defining who and what I am by my greater and greater perception and understanding of the Spirit within to more clearly see the true nature of many realities.

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