Don’t Think Like A Human

Earth life, Earth experience in human form engenders thinking like a human. Thinking like a human? Is there any other way for a human to think? Yes. Thinking like Spirit, like God. Why think like Spirit, like God and not like a human?

For me, a good example of not thinking like a human when it comes to Spirit, to God is to NOT see or perceive God as a man, with a long white beard, wearing a white robe, sitting on a throne in heaven. This image is how a human thinks of God, at least how many humans do as seen by their religious, iconographic symbols that we see in churches and religious art.This image is not God. God is infinitely intelligent, conscious energy capable of manifesting as human or anything else through its pure intent.

To think like Spirit, like God is not to think at all but to feel, to sense, to intuit, to be unlimited, to feel infinite, to live as abundance mindset where there exists no lack. It’s a spiritual confidence where the human lives the credo, “All Is Well.” When a human thinks about Spirit, God, there are competing religions, killing in the name of religion, judgement where humans tell other humans they must be saved, go through Jesus or end up in a place thought of as Hell. Words like blasphemous is human thinking. Words like God is human thinking. God doesn’t call itself “God.” What God is without human thinking is a mystical presence. God just is. Human thinking wants to codify, to understand, to make approachable that which it perceives as God.

If you think God, that’s not God. When you think like God, you are God. Not ALL of God. Come on now. You are a piece of God.


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