Saturday, June 8, 2019

Before Death And After Death...You Are The Same

Don’t be seduced by the false notions fed to you by religions about rewards in heaven. The truth is that whatever level of consciousness you are in your Earthly body, you are in your Spirit body. Whether you are in or out of body, you are still you. What is that “you”?

That “you” is your soul which has a consciousness level. So, wherever your consciousness is while you are human, it stays the same while you are not human. For example, if you were of the consciousness of a person in human life that was a cheater, greedy and self-absorbed, you will be the same in your soul body. You don’t die and suddenly become a saint. You have to work on your consciousness when you’re in body and out of body. Going to so-called heaven doesn't excuse you from being a certain consciousness while in body.

The biggest lesson of Samsara, Karma and all the other Cosmic tools and laws that are designed to assist souls in learning that soul lessons are important while in body and when you ignore them, you come back again to do it all over again and again and again until you get it right.

That’s why I am a big proponent of being aware of my soul lessons and learning from them while I am in body. If I am a greedy banker who doesn’t care about people, I want to learn how not to be seduced by greed and use my riches to make Earth a better place. This is of paramount importance in being in body. You are the same before or after death. Jesus, being saved and heaven can’t help you.

YOU are the only one that can help you by improving your consciousness.

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