Sunday, June 30, 2019

As You Do For Self, You Do For Other

I have found that how I treat myself translates to how others are treated. As I treat myself, so others are treated. Why is that?

The reason I have experienced how I treat myself is how others are treated is because I am other, I am one with other. There is only one self here, so, how I treat myself reflects on others. When I treat myself as less, it brings down the entire collective. When I love myself and have great self-esteem, I am adding that great self-esteem to the collective thereby raising the vibrational level of others to a higher vibration. So, my responsibility isn’t only to myself since I am connected to everyone and everything. My responsibility is to self AND other self and that is the reason I am always in a loving mood, always loving mankind.

This is not an easy practice in a mean little world of mean little men. Let men be mean. I prefer to bring love to bear in this world. As I continue to be Love in every moment, as I am always in a loving mood, I raise the consciousness of all humanity to a higher level. That’s my preference.

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