Sunday, May 12, 2019

Zombie Apocalypse

Ever wonder why there have been so many zombie movies and TV shows in the last twenty years? Why do humans have such an obsession with zombies?

From my perception, the reason zombie culture has become so rampant is that humans have lost connection with their soul and that’s being soulless and artists, Hollywood, are commenting on this by portraying it as zombie, i. e., humans that are “dead” inside.. For me, being soulless is being a zombie. How can we humans remake ourselves in the image of our soul and become more soulful?

In order to move from zombie to being a soulful human, we must become aware, in my experience, of the voice of our soul and follow it. How does the voice of our soul sound? Our soul speaks in the voice of Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Healing, Peace, harmony and kindness. It will not speak in the voice of ego, of  eat or be eaten, of judging, controlling, approving, competing and comparing. The ego makes everything about IT. The soul makes it about other self.

In essence, being a zombie is about “for me, myself alone.” It is about self-importance which is not the way of the soul, it’s the way of the ego that says it’s all about ME and that’s zombie apocalypse time.

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