Thursday, May 23, 2019


For a long period of my life, I felt low self-worth. I allowed my sense of worthiness to reside in the hands of others including non-physical others until I had a great realization. What was this realization and what did it do for me and what can it do for you?

Please understand that I paid for this realization through the hard work of soul-searching, introspection, self-analysis and being willing to change my mindset about myself. What I realized through greater self-awareness was that I am an intrepid warrior who is able to solves problems by moving deeply beneath the surface of my emotions into troubled waters, searching for early reasons and conditioning that caused my low sense of self-worth. As an intrepid warrior, I found that my “prey” was an inferior sense of well-being and worthiness.

Once I found my “prey” and for me it was allowing myself to be intimidated by others who I discovered intimidated me because THEY WERE INTIMIDATED BY MY PRESENCE, I set my mind and sense of self  to soar high above my “prey” keeping my eagle eyes out for other self-defeating and self-limiting beliefs that were no longer serving me. I was able to heal my inferior sense of self by raising my spirits to the skies, that is, to see the bigger picture of who I am: a worthy human inhabited by a great soul on a soul path of some significance.

Worthiness is the birthright of every human and every human’s self-worth is truly intact from birth. If you have an inferior sense of self-worth, resolve to look within yourself and see the intrepid warrior that you are for if you weren’t this intrepid warrior, you wouldn’t be reading this.

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