Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What It Means To Be In Oneness

I experience Unity Consciousness which helps me to be in Oneness. What does it mean to be in Oneness and why is it significant to experience, to live in Unity Consciousness?

Unity Consciousness and being in Oneness is the experience of being The All There Is. It is living knowing that you are not only connected to everything, you ARE everything. You are ONE with everything, that is, every tree, insect, lake, human, God, planet and most especially, the Self you are. Nothing in Creation is objective to you for you are every object. Nothing is “outside” of you, you do not experience separation consciousness that says Spirit is outside you somewhere else.

This state of Oneness is significant to experience because it is the natural state of existence that many miss out on experiencing because of the misguided precepts of Earth’s religionists who say God is in heaven. Saying God is in heaven and believing that is separation consciousness. It’s a disease. The truth is we are all One and everything operates under the Law Of One. There is only One Self here and that Self is YOU in a different format.

Creation presents itself in an infinite amount of permutations and those are still part of the ONE. To be in ONENESS is to live in the awareness that “I and the Father are one.” I and the Father are one means I am the Father and the Father is me. May you be with the Father!!!

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