What Is The Reality We Experience, Really?

What is the reality we experience here on Earth while in a physical body, really? Since I am experiencing it from a larger perspective, allow me to give you my take on what this Earth reality really is.

For me, being in body is experiencing being in several bodies at the same time which my conscious awareness has learned how to navigate. What I mean by several bodies is that I experience Earth reality as my physical, sensate body, my rational, conscious and non-linear unconscious mind body, my emotional body and my host of non-physical or spiritual bodies including my soul, my Spirit, my Monad or over soul and my Light Body, etc. This is quite a complex of bodies that I am which leads me to what reality really is: a multidimensional experience where humans live in scopes of dimensions. What does this mean?

Living in scopes of dimensions means that our awareness as human beings exists in multiple realities at the same time. We can enjoy and experience pathos which is feeling happiness and sadness at the same time or what we often call a bittersweet feeling. We can have multiple and conflicting thoughts at the same time, this is often called ambivalence. We can be in different dimensions at the same time like being in flow and also having psychic visions or intuition. Being in flow, being in intuition are examples of being in different dimensions. You can call them consciousnesses if you like.

Reality, then, is multi-layered and not only a physical experience which is where most humans believe they exist. This believing that all humans are is a physical experience is a limiting belief system. I have experienced a reality that is far more than just my sensual, physical experience. May I encourage you to safely explore your inherent, multidimensional nature that goes far beyond the physical, beyond your persona/psyche/ego. There are non-physical parts of you, human being, that are awaiting your contact and looking to reveal your true identity to you. It is nothing to fear.


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