Thursday, May 16, 2019

What Is Being A Spiritual Artist?

From my experiences both human and spiritual, I find that all humans are a spark of light and have souls. Many do not believe this. I cannot object to what and how someone believes. They will discover the truth of the absolute reality that their true nature is Spirit and that they are having a human experience. Spirit, The All There Is has created souls to assist it in expanding its own awareness. There are some souls created for particular work which, by the way, does not make that soul better, greater or more important. These are souls that I will call specialists who are wanderers. What are these specialists about?

Being one of these specialist wanderers myself, they are souls who were created by The All There Is with a particular focus of their intent. For example, using my case, I have the focused intent of the Blue Ray. There are beings of many other rays who have a focus of a different intent. My focus as a Blue Ray is Love, Wisdom, Healing, Compassion, Peace and Sensitivity. What the focus of this intent does is shape the reality created by The All There Is like a sculptor shapes a piece of marble. In a sense, you can call me a spiritual artist as I am here on Earth to assist humans, with many other focuses, to be Love, Wisdom, Healing, Compassion, Peace and Sensitivity in every moment.

While I am this specialist and wander the Cosmos, I sometimes have to remember who I am because being in a human or any other type of body can be a distraction. I have come to a place of confidence and greater self-worth and self-esteem in being who and what I am. May I encourage all souls who are truly sparks of light of The All There Is to remember who you are and be confident and have great self-worth regarding your focus of intent which is to expand your awareness and if you are a specialist wanderer like me, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by distortion.

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