Monday, May 20, 2019

What Holds Everything Together?

What holds all of the physical matrix together from a human being, relationships to appliances and animals? Hint: it’s not gravity. What is it then?

From the answers I have received from the level of my soul path, what keeps all physical reality, all “form” bonded in place is intent shaped by desire. The Infinite Creator has stipulated that all form shall remain intact until acted upon by stronger desire. We humans, as human form, stay in our human form because we desire to do so. Why is this such an important realization?

That our human form and all form for that matter is bonded together to remain intact as the form we recognize it by our desire for it to do so is important to appreciate because it demonstrates the awesome power of desire. Please understand that I am not talking about the sensual level of desire. I am talking about the desire of soul, of Spirit that is a Cosmic Force. For example, it is quite interesting that this Force of this desire allows interactions between forms an extended period of opportunity and we can also see the immense power of the Force of desire in the death of humans as our soul’s stronger desire to move on from the physical form when the soul deems it appropriate to do so.  We can see that soul and it’s desires remain the primary control of human format and its ongoing.

May I encourage you to see desire in a new way, not as an attachment to the physical, not as desiring a physical thing as such but as a meditation that keeps your Light Body as tightly wrapped in the form you are now. You go out of form only if you desire to. So simple.

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