Transcending. From my perspective, a practice that is ignored in our human world at the peril of most humans. Why peril?

The reason ignoring the practice of transcending as a human being is perilous is because transcending is the single most important practice that human beings can master. Why is this so and what are we transcending?

The reason it is perilous to ignore transcending is because it means ignoring what our experiences are meant to teach us and because of this ignoring, never moving beyond the lessons, transcending them and repeating the same behaviors over and over again creating suffering for ourselves and others. Transcending from the lessons of our experiences is the very reason we are human. We come into human body to transcend those issues that have held us back from moving to more expanded states of awareness where we do not cause ourselves and others the same suffering over and over again.

Our souls want to grow, using our bodily, physical experiences to do so. Our physicality is the only actionable place we can do this and ignoring it means staying in the wheel of Samsara, coming back to human life over and over again revisiting the same lessons over and over again. To me, revisiting the same lessons over and over again and NOT learning is the definition of suffering. Life, to me, is not about suffering, it is about joy and that’s where the word enjoy comes from. When you are in joy, you are en joy ing!!!

Why suffer when you can en joy?


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