Friday, May 31, 2019

The Truth About Freedom

When your possessions own you, you are not truly free. When you live that your job defines who you are, you are not free. Your possessions own you when you are attached to them but don’t accept that YOU have created those attachments to define who and what you are. What is true freedom then?

True freedom is accepting that your are both the owner and ownee of all your possessions including your human form. Once you realize that you do this ownership for yourself, you can release these definitions of who you created yourself to be for who you really are is the Infinite in form. Form, being human and amassing possessions is a distortion. The reason it is a distortion is because it fools you into really believing that your job, title, money, clothes, cars, homes is who you are. Who you are is beyond all these physical trappings. Who are you really?

You, human being, are truly Spirit having a physical experience to increase your soul’s awareness through life lessons. These lessons, I have found, are not meant for us to attach to. Once we learn from our life lessons, they are meant to be released. Our personas and all that we attach to them are not us. We are great spirits on a spiritual journey through the arc of infinity and all these possessions mean only a trinket you have picked up and examined on your Cosmic interlude. To know, accept and live this is true freedom. This practice allows you to live in loving-detachment where you realize that your possessions own you and it’s OK...for now.

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