Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Synchronicity...You Talking To You

I have been experiencing “synchronicity” all my life and in the last 20 years, this misunderstood or disbelieved phenomenon has ratcheted itself up. To clarify, “synchronicity” is not serendipity or coincidence. What is it then?

From my experience with “synchronicity it is a real phenomenon based on you talking to you. What is meant by this? What is meant by you talking to you as I live this is that human awareness, when it reaches a higher level of expansion becomes aware that it is a part of The All There Is and can see and experience the interconnectedness of existence, of All There Is. Synchronicity is the word, coined by Swedish psychologist Carl Jung, we now use to mean an event that occurs out of the non-ordinary level of reality where information is given and goes beyond the linear, rational mind. It is happening inside us, not outside us. We humans can tune into this non-ordinary level of reality with our expanded, more hyper, awareness and in a sense, we make synchronicities happen since we are connected to the All There Is. It is a form of connecting with the Spirit world. It is us talking to ourselves through our Higher Self. We tell ourselves things we want and need to know including hearing from departed loved ones, solving difficult problems and communing with Spirit itself.

We are all ONE. Anything else you believe is a distortion. Most people distract themselves from “synchronicities” by calling them coincidences. I have found it more instructive to pay attention to “synchronicities” as being messages from Spirit and understanding how they elucidate what we need.

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