Saturday, May 11, 2019

Suffering Is Not A Morally Superior State Of Being

Suffering. As I listen to Christians and Catholics continue to believe that Jesus suffered and died for their sins and see them behave as if to be a spiritual person, you have to suffer, I realize more and more that this suffering is NOT a morally superior state of being. As my God-Self sees it, it’s morally inferior, barbaric and crude. Why do I see this?

I see that religious suffering is not a morally superior state of being because I am intimately linked with the All There Is, God, Great Spirit, the Creative Source and it tells me that JOY is the true spiritual state of connection with God. It tells me that I am not born in sin and that Jesus did not die to absolve me of my sins. There is no one who died for our sins since we are here to sin as human beings and sin is called making mistakes. Some humans make the same mistakes over and over again refusing to learn from them and others pay attention to these lessons and move beyond them. I also see that God dorsn’t Care if you sin. God already did it’s job, creating you with free will. It is you that decides to suffer or to be joyful.

There is no judgement or punishment from God of those that sin, that is, make mistakes. God is Love and doesn’t have retribution, judgement, suffering or punishment  as it’s nature, so it would not create the notion of sin. Sin is a human creation, created by unaware and misguided humans who misperceived God’s true nature. God’s true nature is JOY and you don’t have to be saved or go to heaven to realize it. In my experience, being spiritual is being joyful right here on Earth while you’re alive.

I am human. I make mistakes that help me become better at being human and that is the definition of spiritual. I reject suffering. I embrace the joy of being God.

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