Religious Ideation vs Spiritual Experience

Is your way of life based on religious ideas, that is, dogma or spiritual experience? From my experience with both religious beliefs and direct spiritual experience, I have found that my soul prefers direct spiritual experience. I am not talking about beliefs, I’m talking about a palpable, mystical path. Why is the above distinction important?

From my perception, to live the distinction between religious beliefs and direct spiritual experience is important because I have found that religious beliefs are ego, mind-based constructs that are maybe real to people who believe in theses ideations but they are not necessarily true while direct spiritual experiences are grounded in having a subjective experience and not an objective thought of some thing out there. What does this mean?

It means that a direct spiritual experience moves from the religious mind and emotion to the inner reality of the soul and heart. From my years of direct spiritual experiences, I have found that they are about direct contact with Spirit which is from within my soul. This is not an ideation. I do not think Spirit. I am Spirit. This is a palpable reality that I encounter within as my soul expands its awareness through every aha moment of spiritual realization. I don’t need to look at a sacred text, go through Jesus, accept Jesus as my savior, go to church, listen to a pastor, be saved or go to heaven or hell. I must pay attention to Spirit’s ways.

All I must do is practice my direct experience with The All There Is inside my soul by meditating, listening to the voice of my soul, talking to The All There Is every day and showing it appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness, being confident that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and finally, showing compassion, kindness, tolerance and love for myself and others which is the true spiritual experience and not the judgement of religious beliefs that say their way is the one true way while it’s not.


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