Friday, May 10, 2019

I Am A Spark Of Light

I am a spark of light. What is this spark of light and how do I know I am it? From my experience of being a Intimate Link With The All The All There Is, a physical representative of the essence of God, Soul, the Monad, Spirit, the Blue Ray and having seen my own light with my physical and non-physical eyes consistently over a period of  ten years, having heavily researched the scientific data as to what reality is, that is, light energy, I have come to the awareness that I am a spark of the light of the Creator as it manifests itself in the physical and non-physical world’s. I am aware enough to perceive that I am a spark of light. What is the significance of this?

For me to say, to admit, to put out there that I am a spark of the Creator’s infinite light is important for me to state as it flies in the face of the accepted doctrines of the egoic religions of Earth that will have you believe you are dirt, nothing unless you are “saved.” This being “saved” is contrary to the reality I perceive being a spark of the Creator’s light. I am already spiritual, I am already religious, I am already with God, I am already “saved” as I am born already as God in human form. I don’t have to bow down to Jesus, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, John Smith or anyone or thing to be what I ALREADY am: A SPARK OF THE LIGHT OF THE CREATOR.

All that’s needed by any human is to wake up and realize who and what they are to know that they are a spark of light. The religions of Earth will call you blasphemous because they want to control you for your money. God is not money. God just is. Be the spark of light of the Creator and you will be all you need to be and have all you desire. These are not just a saleman’s assertions. I gained awareness of the truth of my being a spark of light through years of expanding my awareness and seeing through the falsity of dogma.

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