Sunday, May 5, 2019

I Am Inside My Blue Ray Being

My Blue Ray Being came with me to Earth. It is my “space ship.” I do no project this Light, it does not emanate from my body, this Ray from my body; the Blue Ray that I am projects me. I am inside this Ray. What is the significance of this?

The significance of this is that the human body is inside the soul, the Light, The Ray and not where the Light comes from. The soul, the Light, The Ray is what creates the body. The human body is the “fruit” of the soul while the soul is the seed. The body is tightly wrapped soul, Light, The Ray that presents as a solid mass when in truth, it is soul, Light, The Ray in a slowed down aspect of itself. So, when you look at yourself, when you look at another, you are seeing a reflection of their soul, Light, The Ray. Why is this important to realize?

That we humans are soul, Light, The Ray walking the Earth is important to realize because it helps us to understand and know that what we really are is energy that is intelligent and conscious and that we can direct, use, transform, transcend and transmute which is the triple crown of spiritual awareness and practice. When we shake off the dream that we are solid and see we are Light, we change our perspective on life from one that is fixed to one that is unlimited. Humans are unlimited light beings not limited physical beings.

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