Monday, May 13, 2019

I Am The All There Is In Flesh Having A Human Experience

A big “spiritual trap’l that is, a belief that keeps humans from knowing and living the truth about the nature of existence, of reality, is that to be spiritual, you have to be involved in meditation and/or a series of practices that make you more spiritual, sacred and holy. This “trap” is the farthest thing from the truth. Why is that?

I have discovered that the above “spiritual trap” is the farthest thing from reality and prevents humans from having true spiritual experiences because humans ARE Spirit in flesh having a human experience and the true spiritual experience lies in the every day, mundane experiences of being in the physical world, witnessing Creation as incarnated souls. The Biggest Spiritual Experience is being human itself and allowing egoic experiences to expand the soul’s/Spirit’s awareness to larger and larger scopes of understanding. Why is this crucial for human beings to understand?

It is crucial for human beings to understand that their human experiences are the true spiritual experiences because it helps us to see that human experiences appear to be good and bad and while we negate the bad, we are meant to see both good AND bad experiences as opportunities to expand our soul’s awareness. In this way we take the good WITH the bad and realize the human is an experience designed for a physical matrix that delivers a dualistic reality that our soul’s may learn the true nature of non-duality.

You see, duality is a construct. In spiritual reality, there is no duality, it is all ONE. To know this ONENESS is the aim of all spiritual traditions and practices. To be in a human body is to already be spiritual. You just have to wake up to it.

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