Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Humans Are Slowed Down Spirit

From my scientific and spiritual knowledge and understanding, I know that humans are Spirit in a slowed down vibrational form. What does this mean and why is it important to be aware of?

It means that the Earth and human experience IS spiritual ALREADY in that everything IS the energy of Spirit/God/Creative Source in Physical Form in a slower frequency of the Divine Matrix. We don’t have a need to connect back with Spirit, with God. We only have to remember we ARE Spirit, God having a physical experience of slowed down vibrational frequencies of the very Spirit that presents as form or physicality.

To remember who and what we truly are, that is, Spirit in form, is to maintain our divine, sacred awareness during our moment of humankind for the express purpose of FUNCTIONING AS GOD IN HUMAN FORM. To function as the God we already are in human form means consciously availing ourselves of all of God’s abilities: Creation, Manifestation, Joy, Peace, Love, Compassion, Abundance and Kindness.

The idea here is to BE the Spirit, God we are now, in human form and not wait for some other time. There is no other time that we are going to go back to be with God. We are with God right now, right here. It’s just that most of humanity forgets this, ignores this, refutes this, has had this brainwashed out of them and doesn’t believe it.

If you are not living your Spiritual, God Nature NOW in human form, you are a zombie, the walking dead. Let the dead bury the dead.

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