Monday, May 6, 2019

Humanity Has Allowed The Ego To Control

As I observe humanity’s doings on planet Earth, it appears that humanity has allowed the ego to control. What is it that I see that tells me this is true?

I see that humanity has allowed ego to control by humanity’s behavior of control, greed, approval, judging, competing, comparing, hidden agendas, keeping up with the Joneses and wanting to be better than. These behaviors can be seen in all facets and levels of human society from Nations to individuals. All over the planet there is war, greed, murder, killing, stealing, lying, hate, intolerance, racism, righteous indignation, self-importance, etc. These behaviors are the earmarks of ego running amok and humanity has allowed this control to fester, to continue unabated. The amount of suffering of humans at the hands of the human ego is catastrophic! What can we do about it?

Humanity’s issue with allowing ego to control it’s actions can be ameliorated by learning to listen to and follow Soul, Spirit. I am not talking about egocentric religion. I am talking about following the dictates of soul and Spirit which I have experienced to be Love, compassion, peace, kindness, happiness, abundance, tolerance, justice, forgiveness and harmony.

When humanity allows these aspects as it’s dominant objective and not ego, it will profoundly alter the trajectory of man from suffering to elation.

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