Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Human Maturity = Delay Gratification

From learning how to delay gratification in my life, I found that it was a critical part of my human maturity. What do I mean by gratification and why do I see it as an important aspect of human maturity?

In my experience, delay of gratification is the purposeful putting off of having what you want and/or need right now. It is holding off satisfying oneself to a more appropriate or opportune time. I see the practice and ability of delaying one’s gratification as a form of discipline, a form of patience that gives one the courage to steel oneself against mental, emotional and physical collapse during times of trouble, difficulty or deprivation.

I use the concept of “human maturity” for the practice of delaying gratification because when a person learns how to strengthen one’s will power through holding back gratification, there is a learning to control one’s emotions, mind and body to more effectively deal with the ups and downs of life that surely happen through us all. Through the delaying of gratification process, we become less vulnerable to our own weakness and this helps develop a stronger spirit.

I don’t see much of the purposeful delaying of gratification in our world. Everyone wants theirs now without paying any dues. Delaying gratification develops inner strength, I have found. It helps the human to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to using will for constructive purposes.

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