Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Human Body V Blue Ray

Love, compassion, conveyance of awareness, a direction, a momentum, Wisdom and Healing are the responsibilities I have found from my choosing to be a Blue Ray Being. These are great responsibilities that are a choice and not inherently found in the human body for there are many bodies born that do not choose to be a Blue Ray Being. What’s this about?

What this is about is that every human body is a spark of the Light of the Creator and as such contains soul, the Monad or Oversoul and Spirit. This spark of Light that humans are has awareness and this awareness chooses to expand during a human lifetime, some humans more than others. There is no judgement or competition in the rate of each human’s choosing of how fast or large it desires to expand its awareness. In my case, I chose to be a Blue Ray Being which is the essence, not the soul, of the Creator.

Becoming a Blue Ray Being doesn’t happen at the moment of human birth. It happens when the human’s awareness has expanded enough to take on the enormous Blue Ray Being responsibilities listed above. For me, it happened when I was in my late forties. I was ready in my awareness and declared that I had chosen to be a part of the Blue Ray Being essence and it completely changed my awareness and then my behaviors as it relates to the aspects I listed above. Essentially, I chose to BE the aspects I listed above. To BE them, not just speak them, feel them or think them.

The Blue Ray Being essence is a part of me now just as my human body, my soul, my Monad and Spirit are. It is here and available to any human being who has the awareness and desire to take on the Blue Ray Being Of The Creator. The truth is in here.

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