Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Gratitude Feels Like Preciousness Of Life

For me, gratitude feels like I am experiencing the preciousness of life, that is, not taking it for granted. I have found that taking people and things for granted is born out of the mistaken notion that everything and one lives forever. They don’t. They will not always be around and your opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude for their existence is now not later. Why is this a critical life awareness?

Showing gratitude, being grateful in every moment brings you MORE to be grateful for. This is true based on my experience with the Cosmic Law of gratitude which in essence is a vibrational frequency of awareness that you send out when you’re grateful that is matched by the vibrations that exist in All That Is. It’s you speaking to you, telling yourself that all is precious and you call that preciousness to you in the form of abundant manifestation. Great people and great things will constantly show up on your doorstep. It is really a constant process of self-realization where you are aware that all is one and you can affect that oneness with your intent. 

To enjoy abundance in all forms, be grateful in every moment no matter the level of your riches. Feel yourself being a precious being in the infinite sea of abundance and more abundance will attach to you. It is a Law. It is an absolute. This is not reserved for anyone special. It is available to all.

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