An Intimate Link With The All There Is

The greatest single discovery and realization of my lifespan is that my Beingness, my very raison d’ĂȘtre is an intimate link with the All There Is. What does this mean and why is it an imperative for you?

What this means is that I am part of a group soul, a collective known as the Blue Ray Group. This group’s vibrational level of consciousness is the consciousness of Divinity and it’s vibrational level presents in the physical world as the color blue. We are beings that are God’s emmisaries on Earth in that we come here imbued with God-consciousness already. We need no religion, church, spiritual buttons on our sleeves. We are God in form. Period.

This is important for you as you too are stepped-down Spirit, God in human form. You are Spirit in flesh. While you may not be a Blue Ray like me, you may be a part of the many other collectives that are God. No matter what soul group or singular soul you are, you are still Divine energy stepped down to a physical vibrational level having an experience of knowing yourself on a more expanded level of awareness. That’s why it’s important to “know thyself” as I know myself and as many others know themselves.

As a Blue Ray Being, my vibrational frequency is God Beingness. It is not bound up in the Bible, Jesus, church or religion. That’s all ego. I am not an atheist. I am an intimate link to and with God. I am not saying I am a Jesus type although Jesus was a Blue Ray.


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