Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Your Level Of Awareness Is NOT A Moral Issue

From my experience with expanding my awareness over millennia, I have become aware that awareness is not a moral question as in human beings with high awareness are good or better and those with lower awareness are bad or less. As far as I am aware, all souls seek expanding awareness and each human lifetime is an opportunity to do just that through experience. Why is this important?

The issue that one’s level of awareness is not a moral issue is vitally important to understand because each soul is allowed its own rate of growth and each human is exactly where they need to be in their level of soul awareness so there is nothing to judge, nothing to say is good or bad. Soul growth is a spiritual reality not a human one. The soul is not perfect and its need to continue its human experience is a sign that it hasn’t completed its growth process and a soul’s growth process is a continuum. I perceive that a soul can continue to expand its awareness ad infinitum.

At a certain point of soul awareness expansion, the soul may no longer need a human experience on Earth as it has expanded its awareness as far as it can for this vibratory level. It then moves on just as a soul moves on when a human dies on Earth. A human on Earth doesn’t die because the human wants to; it’s because the soul has mandated that it has finished its sojourn in a particular lifetime and is ready for the next experience, human or otherwise. What that soul has accomplished is for that individual soul and we cannot, as humans, judge why the soul did what it did because souls don’t think like humans. The soul does not have the same morality that has been created by humans on Earth. What is good and bad to a human is thought of differently by the soul. For example, how humans see what a person looks like is not the same for the soul. A human may look at another human and think they are ugly but the soul knows they are beautiful.

The soul does not think like a human and it does not have morality. What does a soul have then? A need to expand its awareness. I believe this is the reason it is hard for humans to understand why inexplicable things happen the way they do to humans. We cannot wrap our heads around the machinations of the soul. What we try to do is use human morality to come to terms with soulfulness and we judge soul levels and say, “that person has low awareness and that person has high awareness.” This is human bias that judges someone who is rich versus one who is poor or judges a human of a different skin color or culture. The soul does not judge. Only humans do.

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