Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Why Religious Iconography?

The Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris, the Crucifix, Rosery beads, Mala beads, the Menorah, The Star of David, the Star Inside a Crescent Moon, the Dream Catcher, the Totem Pole and many other humanly created religious and spiritual iconography are for what purpose?

From my perspective, the human symbols, the artistic expressions above and many others on Earth have been designed by humans over centuries as potent signs and reminders of the spiritual nature of human existence and a seminal reminder of our inner connection to Spirit/God. When we enter, wear or see these iconographic structures, images, they call up within us a profound sense that there is more to us than sex, drugs, money and rock ‘n roll. What is that more in us that religious iconography calls up?

In my experience, these religious objects touch the living spiritual embers that are already within me that I want to connect with and never forget. These symbols re-awaken the living soul that I am that I may remember and realize who and what I am: a great soul having a purposeful human experience for the express mission of growing my soul’s awareness to new levels, new heights.

These signposts are as vital for humanity today as they were hundreds or thousands of years ago when they were created and they refurbish as well as replenish our consciousness to a new understanding of who we are in an age that seems to blind our spirituality with technology and materialism.

Humankind is more than human. We are spiritual beings and the existence of religious iconography is our way of telling ourselves that very fact.

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