Friday, April 12, 2019

Why I Prefer A “Spiritual” Perspective

I prefer a “spiritual” perspective of life. What does that mean and why do I prefer it?

I have found in my experience that having a “spiritual” perspective of life means seeing human actions, motivations, experiences through the lens of the machinations of Spirit not of the persona/psyche/ego. It means that I look to Spirit as to why. While there are physical, mental and emotional reasons humans are motivated to do things, I have found that coming to an understanding, being knowledgeable about what causes humans to act in certain ways is derived from soul/Spirit. I have experienced this in my life as I have seen how my soul and the soul of others drives this human bus. We may think, as humans, that our ego is in charge but I found that it is not. Why is that?

The ego is not in charge because it is impermanent. Our egos are temporary thought constructs while the soul/Spirit are permanent constructs that never decay, never die and it is these “spiritual” constructs that run the human show. The soul/Spirit resides with us in our human complex and never dies. It’s perspective about why it incarnates as human is a much more expanded reality than our human persona/psyche/ego that has a very limited, individual shelf life. On the other hand, the soul/Spirit which is eternal. It is from this eternal perspective that I view human motivations and it allows me to see the overall thread of the soul’s path while on Earth and its contribution to its spiritual journey through the arc of infinity as we travel across the Cosmos as the spiritual beings we truly are. The soul creates a human to expand its awareness.

I am a spiritual being having a human experience, not the other way around. I come from the stars and I never lose sight of this fact. I see my human motivations as colored by what my soul wants to accomplish while I have a bodily experience. The main thing I see my soul/Spirit Being is Love in every moment. That does not decay or die.

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