What My Blue Ray Beingness Said Today

I am beginning to communicate with my Blue Ray Beingness which is beyond my ego. More importantly, I am now listening to what my Blue Ray Beingness is communicating with me. What did it say today that is important not just for me but for all humanity?

Last night, my Blue Ray Beingness told me that connecting with it is the same as connecting with Great Spirit/God/Creative Source as there is only ONE SELF HERE. In connecting with Spirit, it said there is no need to pray, to ask. Only give thanks, show appreciation and be grateful as if the thing you desire is ALREADY GIVEN, ALREADY IN YOUR REALITY.

I asked my Blue Ray Beingness why this is so, why there is no need for prayer. The answer from my Blue Ray Beingness as to why there is no need for prayer is that Spirit is not outside us in a place where we need to send anything, to ask “someone or thing out there” for a favor. Spirit is within us and the process of manifesting a thing is a co-creative process in which we as souls embodied in a physical form have responsibility for our desires and these desires manifest the second we feel them. All we have to do is be thankful, show appreciation and gratitude that our desire is already here and it is so. Why is there a problem with humans and this reality?

Humans believe in prayer because they have been misguided as to the most efficient way to commune with Spirit. It is best not to ask Spirit because that’s “separation consciousness” that postulates that Spirit is apart from us as humans. The reality, the truth is that Spirit IS US IN A SLOWED DOWN VIBRATORY FORM and when we feel our desires, Spirit already manifested it. It is because humans don’t “see” their desires immediately in their physical reality that they give up hope and use prayer. Your desire has manifested the second you desire it but give it a chance to come into form by releasing it, letting it go, not obsessing over it. Thank, appreciate and be grateful that it is already in your sphere of influence.

I have done this many times and it works. I am a Blue Ray Being and that is absolute.


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