Monday, April 8, 2019

There Are Still “Bugs” That Humans Are Working On

From my experience with being human and being with other humans, humans are imperfect beings, I find, that are built inherently imperfect. I am not talking about original sin. The problem is most humans don’t accept that they are a work-in-progress with “bugs” that they are continually fixing within themselves with the emphasis on fixing meaning maturing, growing, developing. What is the point of this?

The point of my bringing up that humans are imperfect beings is that I have realized that our imperfections are opportunities to grow ourselves and most of us don’t pay attention to this in ourselves. We seem to be afraid of facing these “bugs” or imperfections in ourselves and blame others for our faults, ignore our faults or are afraid of them. For example, the biggest “bug” I have experienced in myself and others is the holding onto, the acceptance of limiting beliefs. It seems to me that humans are so easy to manipulate. They don’t discern enough and they accept the flimsiest of ideas and latch on to them for dear life, finding themselves being limited by the very beliefs they cling to and asking, “What happened?”

The biggest “bug” in human development that holds us back is our belief system that each religion’s God is the one true God while defining God in human terms and that this cannot change, cannot evolve. Most humans are fixated on beliefs created thousands of years ago that are limiting beliefs in today’s consciousness. Humans HAVE evolved. They just don’t know it.

I am not saying religion or God is wrong, just the old, tired belief systems around them that humans stubbornly will not change to a more inclusive, loving concept and seeing God in only human terms rather than more spiritual terms. This is a “bug” in humans that they hold on to limiting beliefs for a long time, limiting their own growth and development while killing others for different religious beliefs.

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