Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Sense Of Self

That inner voice that talks to that really YOU? What is YOU? Your thoughts, ideas, experiences, behaviors? From my many years of inner study of my “self,” I have discovered that I have many “selves.” I do not have one self and my sense of self is not entirely based on that inner voice of my ego, my behavior, thoughts, persona, ego, psyche, experiences, personal history I am so familiar with. “I” am much more and my sense of self comes from more than my persona and my persona is much more than a fixed set of familiar behaviors. Why is this important?

This is important because most of humanity believes that its “self” is a very narrow band of perception defined by the ego. Most people define themselves by a repetitive sense of “identity” that is composed of thoughts and behaviors that come out of a defined persona/psyche/ego with no sense whatsoever of anything more. From my discoveries and realizations, I have discovered there is much, much more to me and others than I have allowed myself to be. What is this greater “Self”?

The greater, more expanded “Self” I am referring to is my Higher Self or what you might call my soul or spiritual “Self.” This “Self” is not bound by the persona/psyche/ego and is not human in its thinking or behavior. Its “identity” is found in its expanded awareness and its ability to be multidimensional. What this means is there is more to me and you than what you or I see in the mirror. There is more to me and you than this character we are playing. This does not mean I am someone different every day and it does means that I cannot be narrowly defined by this or that. If you say I or you are this or that, you have missed the point. Who and what humans are is beyond definition. What we are cannot be known as hard as we try to put labels on what we are. What are we really?

We humans are a continuum. We are on a soul path as humans on Earth and on a spiritual journey through the arc of timeless infinity in the endless Cosmos. We are stardust in physical form and that has infinite sides to it.

We all play the game of repetive behaviors that signal to ourselves and others that this is “us” and we stay locked in that definition and when we move out of that, people ask what’s wrong with us. There is nothing wrong with us. We are just not definable.

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