Monday, April 29, 2019

The Privileges Of The Ages

I have, what I like to call, three privileges of the ages that have elevated my life to a high, soul-awareness expanded status making my human life one of great happiness. What are they?

1. To have realized that I am a Blue Ray Being of Love, Wisdom and Healing and functioning as such.

2. Having attracted an Indigo child in the form of a son into my life and knowing a great being of Love and nurturing.

3. Having experienced a great magenta being in the form of my wife who allowed me and only me to participate in her early transition out of human form and to witness her soul correction from a person of service to self to one of serving others.

I bring up these experiences in my life because I know that most people don’t perceive the privileges they have been given in their relationships with themselves and others. The reason, I have found, they don’t perceive their gifts in their relationships, is because they see ONLY the persona/psyche/ego, the so-called outer aspects and not the deeper soul aspects which are the true and more real reasons they have attracted these relationships, good or bad.

While no human is perfect, they arrive in our lives for reasons that are far deeper than sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. They are with us and we with them to learn about ourselves that we may enjoy soul-expanding lessons and teachings that we may know ourselves better. These soul-expanding experiences are the privileges of the ages.

I had to look past the ego struggles, the trauma, the ups and downs and the disappointments of my closest relationships with myself, my son and my wife to see the nuggets of gold and diamonds that were granted me by these relationships and so it is for all of us. You too have been granted the privileges of the ages in your relationships. To see what these are, all you have to do is look deeper, that is, look within.

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