Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Beingness Of A Blue Ray Being Is Absolute

As I am a Blue Ray Being, a Being Of Love, Wisdom and Healing, I am here to assert that my Beingness, that is, what I am, is absolute. What is meant by this and why is it important?

What is meant by my Blue Ray Beingness being absolute is that what I am does not equivocate, recrimination, doubt or hesitate. It knows what it is and acts accordingly. It informs the lower ego what’s what but it is up to the lower ego to listen, to get out of its way. So, for example, A Blue Ray Being Loves, is Wise and Heals and does not ask why or obsess of these aspects of itself like the human ego does. There is no room in the Blue Ray Consciousness for ambivalence of any kind.

This is critical to understand because it speaks to all humans in understanding the ways of Spirit and those ways are not the ways of the human lower ego that projects insecurity and needs to be cuddled in order for it to have satisfaction. A Blue Ray Being understands what it is and comes into human form with that understanding. Since I am a Blue Ray, I cannot help but Love in every moment, to approach my choices with Wisdom and to transmute suffering through Healing.

When humans open up to the consciousness of their soul, they are informed of their true calling, mission, purpose and destiny. Humans, when informed by their soul, will not live by fate which is a mechanism of the ego.

What I am saying here is important in that I am letting my fellow humans know that it is possible to achieve your destiny. All you have to do is listen to your soul’s promptings. It wants you to have fulfillment in your human life in a constructive and positive way. This is an absolute as you cannot equivocate happiness. What you truly are, the soul part of you, can inform your happiness I have found.

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