Sunday, April 21, 2019


A great many humans today are worshiping a “Savior” that they believe resurrected from the dead and will save them from Hell and many other things. While I do not begrudge them this behavior, this belief, I find my higher awareness telling me there really is no resurrection, no “Savior”! What does my higher awareness mean by this?

What my higher awareness means by telling me there is no resurrection and no “Savior” is that we resurrect and save ourselves as these concepts are inside us, not outside us. Nothing outside of us is going to happen and giving up our power to a concept outside ourselves is the ultimate form of disempowerment, of lack of self-worth. My higher awareness tells me that the indwelling of the Christ is within me as my own Christ consciousness that I allow to grow within my consciousness. Jesus Christ is simply a symbol in the format of a man who at one time allowed his own Christ consciousness to function as the embodiment of who he was to teach us the we too could embody the Christ consciousness.

In this way, my higher awareness says NOT to look for a “Savior” over there, outside myself. Look for your own “Savior” in here and be resurrected within yourself, that is, be “saved” by your inner flame that is the Christ consciousness or awareness of the Divine Spirit within. It’s an inner experience and not an experience in some other place like the sky, a church or picture of Jesus. It is in each human. Divinity is within, my higher awareness knows.

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